"Jennifer gives positive feedback as she challenges you to move to the next level in your teaching. When I saw how well the strategies worked, I was amazed."

Jean Everhart, Fifth Grade Teacher (Glen Burnie, MD)

"Jennifer is well-informed and professional. She uses a variety of techniques. . .She provides a good mix of activities that engages educators in the learning process. I appreciate how she relates personal teaching experience and student work samples to explain the content."

Carol Ellis, Principal (Omaha, NE)

"Dr. Taylor-Cox was hired by our school district at our request to further our engagement with differentiated instruction. We were at varying levels of our personal best practices utilizing differentiated instruction but we all walked away feeling we each learned exactly what we needed. Thank you Jennifer!"

Michele Pollock, High School Teacher (Carmel, CA)

"The seminar presented by Dr. Taylor-Cox was inspiring, motivational, and humorous. Her presentation made you look at how and why you are using discipline in your classroom and how you can improve your management skills for the benefit of students. She also brings personal stories, which help convey the concepts she is teaching."

Denise Pannell, Teacher (Owings, MD)

"Dr. Taylor-Cox always offers excellent staff development workshops for our teachers. Everyone walks away with new knowledge and progressive strategies. Most importantly teachers are invited to reflect on best practices in education."

Lisa Arena, Assistant Principal (Vineland, NJ)

"Jennifer is awesome, fun, knowledgeable, and realistic. . .She’s creating in me a need to make my classroom X Factor fabulous. . .I’m jazzed!"

Elizabeth Tinant Matson, Third Grade Teacher (Omaha, NE)

"Jennifer gives practical and useful ways of dealing with the need to constantly look for ways to improve and invigorate our teaching methods. She is funny, personable, and very professional."

Penelope Williams, School Director (Owings, MD)

"Jennifer has a wealth of knowledge of strategies that ensure high achievement for all students."

Shirley Sneed, Staff Development Teacher (Silver Spring, MD)

"Jennifer’s keynote address and workshops are filled with enthusiasm. During her presentation she walks around the room creating an intimate repertoire with the audience. Participants gain a greater understanding of math concepts through personal stories and concrete examples. They are energized with new ideas, understanding and strategies to bring back to their classrooms the next day!"

Sue O’Donnell, School for Young Children at Saint Joseph College (Hartford, CT)