• Math intervention strategies
  • Family math nights
  • Math education

Differentiated Math Instruction

Many educators want to differentiate math instruction, but they are not sure how to actually implement differentiated instruction in math. Jennifer will share easy and effective strategies that can be put into practice immediately. Students and teachers will be empowered!

Math Intervention Strategies

Many students who struggle in mathematics lack conceptual knowledge. They do not understand why procedures work and how to apply formulas. To find success, students need to build accuracy, efficiency, flexibility, and fluency in mathematics.

Classroom Discipline

The number of students with behavior problems in our classrooms is increasing. We need to use effective ways of working with these students to create positive classroom environments where learning can thrive!

English Language Learners (ELL)

Recent work with English Language Learners reveals instructional revisions that promote success. Learn how to increase content discourse and how to implement beneficial instructional revisions for ELLs.

Mathematics Education

Numerous schools and districts analyze summative and formative math assessment data to uncover the specific content that needs immediate focus. The content areas include, number sense and computation, algebra, geometry, measurement, and data analysis.

Family Math Nights

Family Math Nights help students learn essential math concepts, while giving parents a chance to serve as models of motivation, persistence, and competence!

Creative Teaching

Make your classroom come alive with new creative teaching strategies applicable to all subjects and all grade levels.