• Classroom demonstration lessons
  • Professional development workshops
  • Make-and-take workshops

Professional Development Workshops

Full day in-service workshops, half-day in-service workshops, after-school staff development, ongoing seminars, and other possibilities

Keynote Speeches

Dynamic keynote speeches for your local, state, or national conference, district-wide in-service, and other large group gatherings

Strategic Coaching Models

In-classroom consultation with observation, one-on-one coaching, and monitoring progress to improve instructional practices and promote success

Parent Workshops

After-school workshops for parents and families to strengthen the home-school connection and increase academic involvement and achievement

Classroom Demonstration Lessons

Specific demonstration lessons for all grade levels, including pre-observation discussions and post-observation debriefing and reflecting

Inquiry/Study Groups

A small group of educators who meet regularly to discuss and analyze a particular facet, problem, or issue in education

Make-and-Take Workshops

Participants make teacher-created materials designed to support effective educational practices